A little bit about Men’s Fashion

In the ever changing, confusing and some what intimidating world of men’s fashion, there is a growing need for straight forward, honest and unpretentious advice. Some times the style conscious man of today can benefit from a little help, guidance and a few tips.

A little bit about me…

I have been working in fashion for over 9 years and have been employed by a number of London’s leading fashion department stores as a Menswear Stylist  offering gentleman the opportunity to receive advice and guidance on all elements of styling and current fashion.

Throughout this time I have worked with a number of A-list celebrities, musicians, actors and sportsmen, as well as on numerous photo shoots and TV programmes.

Most recently I have worked with the highly renowned international male model, David Gandy, in the production of his own men’s styling app ‘David Gandy Style Guide for Men’, featuring as the menswear stylist expert within the App.

Looking for the best stylist of them all? David Gandy recommends Joe Ottaway in London.
And as one of the best dressed men out there today, if Gandy likes him, we like him.

David Gandy, Men’s Health Magazine, 2010

So what’s my approach to Men’s Styling?

I feel a lot of the time the men’s fashion industry is represented in a some what one dimensional, unapproachable and pretentious way. This can be very intimidating to some gents. I am here to break these barriers and misconceptions down and offer tips, tools and advice to the style conscious man of today.

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